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It’s better with ShopPaddi!

Multi-vendor E-marketplace

Store-based Shopping

Visit ShopPaddi’s list of trusted Vendors around Mauritius. Shop from Vendors you already know and trust or explore existing ones to discover great deals and products that meet your needs.

Innovative Experience

Web and Mobile Apps

With ShopPaddi, you can shop via web or our mobile app available on App Store and Google Play. With a modern interface and enhanced business process automation, the buying and selling process is made easy and enjoyable for Users and Vendors. More, Just for you!!!

Business Insight

Vendor Dashboard

Sell in Mauritius via the ShopPaddi Website and App. With our Integrated Dashboard you can receive, process and deliver orders and communicate with buyers all from your insightful and illustrative dashboard. We have taken online sales a step further just for you.

Are you a store owner?

Make your store 'Safe enough'

Easily convert your store to a ShopPaddi-enabled store with our innovative platform and allow your customers enjoy the safety and convenience of contactless shopping to increase hygiene and reduce health hazards