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Worried about contracting Covid-19?

Stay safe with ShopPaddi!

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Find a ShopPaddi Store

Shop Safely without fear

Automated filter gives you a list of trusted shops closest to you. Shop based on your region and location without having to travel long distances.

In-store Experience

Touch less and stress less

With ShopPaddi, you can visit the supermarket, shop without using a shopping cart or touching the product. Pay via the App, and maintain social distancing while enjoying the in-store experience

Online Convenience

Easy payment and Delivery

Payment is made fast, easily and safely via the ShopPaddi App. Items are delivered to your preferred address and you do not have to stress about the extra load.

Become an early user of ShopPaddi and win exciting discounts!

Are you a store owner?

Make your store 'Safe enough'

Easily convert your store to a ShopPaddi-enabled store with our innovative platform and allow your customers enjoy the safety and convenience of contactless shopping to increase hygiene and reduce health hazards